Stomach virus ruined my singing

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Stomach virus ruined my singing

Postby Dino » Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:59 pm

Last week I had this year's serving of the annual stomach virus. I recovered from the fever four days ago, but it left an awkward swollen feeling in the stomach. The swelling comes and goes but when it's really bad I can hardly support. First of all it's hard to take a deep breath because the stomach feels full, like after a three-course binge, even though I hardly ate. So it feels like there's no room for the lungs to expand. To add insult to injury, because I frequently rely on putting a hand on my belly when I support to make sure it isn't hard from tension: now the belly is *always* hard, even when it's completely relaxed, because of the massive pressure from inside.

So in the end of the day I can't sing anything demanding because I can't keep tension away or take deep breaths. And there's no point practicing either, because the body I have now is not what I will have when (hopefully) this condition goes away.

Aww, I really envy instrumentalists sometimes! They don't have to bother with an instrument made out of flesh and blood. Imagine if you were a guitar player and one day there was no sound hole and the neck 10 inches longer. No guitarist would accept that. Yet, that's what we singers live with. :D

Anyway, feels good to rant about it for a while. :lol:

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