How do you know if you have vocal nodules?

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How do you know if you have vocal nodules?

Postby singing101 » Wed Oct 17, 2012 1:50 am

So...things have gone so well today in vocal practice that I feel a little worried! The natural fear of the unknown I think comes out when you do a bunch of new stuff vocally that you've never done on purpose before. I feel like I'm cheating or something, so many sounds that were difficult now seem all too easy. It's both exciting and a little frightening. For the first time I sang centered neutral on E1 or E above middle C and it was a beautiful experience. I felt like the note floated out of me it was rather wonderful. I KNEW it was not vocal flageolet because that's what I usually do. That has never happened at a low volume at that pitch besides a couple times here and there, but this time I could do it multiple time! I also am scared too, afraid after today I won't be able to do it again, but I know better after having lost and refound so many sounds in my voice before that I will find it, even if I might get lost in the between-neutral-and-curbing-land again.

AAAAnyway...all that to say, if any of you have had vocal nodes before, what did it feel like? Without doctor intervention, I'm curious to know what it feels like/sounds like when that has developed so if I notice it in a student or in myself I at least have some sort of red flag that could go off. Even though singing has gone better than ever IN MY WHOLE LIFE I still feel nervous and want to know signs of trouble because at least concerning the neutral mode, I feel like I am in a foreign land having now experienced centered neutral mode, and even though everything feels good I'm not sure if maybe something can feel good but still be unhealthy that possible and/or common?

You know...I will have to double check in the CVT book, but I think there is not any description of vocal warning signs when you might have a physical vocal problem like nodes. I wonder if there is someone out there struggling to do a certain mode but doesn't realize he/she has nodes or a polyp or something like that and can't do the mode until medical intervention takes place...does that happen often?
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