Microphone technique

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Microphone technique

Postby IamPeter » Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:39 pm

Hello first of all I must say I allways practiced vocalizing-singing with mic and I am listening myself through headphones.So while I was singing in the past almost allways in overdrive I reached a habit to go away from microphone by singing middle or high notes because it was to looud you know.Then I found singingsuccess,cvt and other techniques and started to work on curbing,neutrall and high notes.But I was still going away from microphone for middle-high notes even for low notes and now I guess this was probably the reason me pushing and straining because it never sounded the way I want (sound was too weak).Yesterday I found that when I am close to my mic all the time I finally sounds nearly the way I want to sound:)I have no idea whether its a curbing or neutral but finally I am happy with the sound and also high notes are easier and sounds better then ever before:D
I was watching some live music videos and it really looks like singers what are curbing or in neutral they are close to the mic all the time only thing I am not shure about whether they are really curbers:)
So my quetion when you are singing in curbing middle high notes are still close to your microphone?
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