Certain vowels - recommendation or 'obligation'?

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Certain vowels - recommendation or 'obligation'?

Postby math.520 » Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:03 am

Hi guys!

I'm quite new to the world of CVT/CVI. I read a little bit of the old book from a friend and the preview of the new one in the CVI website and thought it was quite interesting. I'm thinking about buying the new one but there's a thing I cannot get in CVT: the certain vowels in the certain modes.

I know that in Overdrive, for example, you can only use EH or OH in the high part of the voice. The point is: what if I want to sustain a tenor high C in Overdrive using the vowel sound AH? Is it really wrong/harmful? What if I want to sing a whole long phrase in Overdrive with very different vowel sounds like AH, OO and UH? Are those recommendations in CVT about certain vowel sounds in certain modes something to help the student to find the correct 'placement' of the mode or you HAVE TO use only I, A, EH or OE in Edge, for example?

I came from SS/SLS, though I used other methods. In Mastering Mix, by Brett Manning, I used 'HEY' to practice high notes in Overdrive. I liked the way that it was quite easy to hit an A4, B4 (American Notation) in Overdrive using that 'HEY' sound. When I got more control over it, I could sustain a B4 in Overdrive using the vowel sound AH (I'm a tenor), without a problem at all; the point is that it was not as much 'natural'/easy to do it like using EH or OH in a C5 but it was not a problem at all.

When I read about those restriction in certain modes with certain vowels I desired to understand it even more before buying the book, considering the fact that that part of CVT I could not get.

I know it's too much to answer but thank you even if you don't help, ^^'.
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