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The Vocal Technique debate has moved to facebook

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 7:08 pm
by Admin
Dear All

It is with mixed emotions that I close this forum, but time has changed. I opened the CVI Vocal Technique forum back in 2005. This was before social media, and at that time a forum was the way to debate online. Today this form of online communication is becoming obsolete.

Big thanks to all who have contributed here! I believe we provided new knowledge and clarity to the world of voice. Special thanks to Kaare who took over the official CVI posting, when CVI grew and I didn't have the time to run the forum anymore.

Please notice: THE DEBATE IS NOT OVER!!! Join us in the 'Vocal Technique Group' at facebook

The very best wishes :) Henrik

PS We have decided to keep the forum online in a locked state. In that way we can still read and link to posts here, but we cannot post anything new.