Completely wrong vowels in my book + Sound Library

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Completely wrong vowels in my book + Sound Library

Postby CajM » Sun Aug 23, 2015 11:07 pm

This book is great indeed but I have found a problem that is actually critical. I have the Swedish version of the CVT book. The vowels on page 14 is wrong comparing the cds, the words and other languages. When I listen to the male version of the mp3 on the vocal 'UH' it sounds like the same vocal from the english word 'murder' and when I listen to the female version it sounds like the vocal from the english word 'hungry'. The words are also wrong because the word 'ung' in swedish doesn't pronounce like "hungry" in english. 'Ung' pronounces more like 'You'. Some of the vowels are also missing from the library and 'EH' vowel is in both track number 10 and 11.

Do someone have an solution for this? It would be nice to know the vowels completely but now it seems impossible.
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