Problems with neutral

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Problems with neutral

Postby bertramlevaughn » Tue Feb 17, 2015 6:46 pm

Okay so I have this problem with neutral and I have had it for years. My main problem is that I can not sing in neutral very high (I'm a tenor). On a good day I could probably get as high as A#4 or possibly B4 if I'm lucky! If I try to go any higher then all I get is air and no sound so instinctively I start squeezing to get the notes. It just feels like hard work when neutral should be quite easy, or at least easier than the other modes. Now comes the fun part! If I sing in overdrive or edge extensively, then any ability I had at singing neutral in my high range is then lost almost completely. If I sing with a growl then I lose my ability to sing high neutral. Also I seem to be able to sing higher in overdrive/edge on an EH than in the neutral mode and be more comfortable to use those modes when I know that neutral is needed . Please help!!!! I had a contract where I was required to sing a Michael Jackson song and I hated it because I couldn't comfortably perform the song knowing that when the neutral part came I wouldn't be able to deliver.
The above link is the song I had to sing and the areas I had major problems in was at 3:03 "I don't know.." and any of his woo's and type screams are an impossibility for me.
I want to be able to sing this song comfortably with no worries but I need neutral :-( Can any on help me. I do intend to get some lessons with a CVT teacher but at the moment I have no funds, but I will be working very soon so that wont be an issue for too long, the only thing is my next work, it would seem, has me contracted to sing a Michael Jackson song and I'm scared!! Thanks for your time.
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Re: Problems with neutral

Postby Kaare » Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:54 am

Hi there.
Post a link of you singing Neutral!

Try to go up with either a lose jaw or smile + twang on the vowel "EE"/see or "OO"/you.
Try not to work too hard, but make sure there´s a inside movement around the navel and that the lower ribs are extended.
Look out for tension around the navel or in the throat = locked support.

But post a link - that´ll make it much easier to help.

Best regards
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