Tongue root tension causing flageolet / thickening problems?

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Tongue root tension causing flageolet / thickening problems?

Postby gera89 » Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:29 pm

EDITED POST: sorry for the inconveniences, and thanks analog for trying to help me :) best regards to everyone
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Re: Tongue root tension causing flageolet / thickening probl

Postby analog » Tue Nov 18, 2014 8:16 pm


sorry about your problems man…just a couple of quick thoughts:

1) You seem to be creaking into the notes. Try using full metallic attack instead.

2) Start lower on single notes…maybe around A3. Just wherever you 100% absolutely feel no TENSION WHATSOEVER.

3) Use edge vowel A…almost impossible to have low(overly) larynx if this vowel is correct.

I would spend a few days staying in the comfortable part of your voice at full volume getting used to the sensation of having released/constriction free voice.Then build it back up SLOWLY one half step at a time. You'll be amazed at how quickly this can re-set the voice and get you back on track.

I personally like to do very long tones(drone like…think chanting/ throat singing) to really get my voice going. I usually stay pretty low C3-A3 territory and just get everything buzzing like crazy. My whole body feels like a tuning fork and my breath and voice are completely synched.
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