Fatigue With Support Practice

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Fatigue With Support Practice

Postby gtmacdonald » Sun Aug 17, 2014 12:05 am

First post! :) Hi Everyone! So I've been working on the support as described in the book, but having some fatigue after practicing the "active internal support." I usually do this with humming or on a vocal fry, zzz, or shh sound so the breath is nice and metered on the way out. Nothing seems locked up as far as I can tell. I'm being as gentle possible and it feels right to me; I'm bracing a bit at the solar plexus and the belly is relaxed and moving inward. But after a few minutes of this it gets tiring! Is this likely because my internal muscles need strengthening and aren't used to it? Has anyone else experienced this while working on support? Or am I likely overdoing it and not "conserving support?" I'm curious what your thoughts are. Thx!
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