Ederlezi ..(cover) by YIANNEIS

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Ederlezi ..(cover) by YIANNEIS

Postby Davidavi (Vidi) Dolev » Sun Mar 09, 2014 3:56 pm

I wrote it down in the Spring Academy forum, but thought I might as well give it a try here :)
These are Yiannies, one of the best groups I found while looking for new inspirations on Greek ground.
I'm in love with the singer's voice but something blocks me from even trying and look for the sensations in my body...
I'm having a lot of trouble of getting this dude's technique especially his super lucid feather like high notes. I want to get this state of mind so much,
I thought someone here would maybe have a suggestion.
here it is - if you don't have the energy to watch the entire thing, a good example will be at 01:30-03:00
the lyrics are (as much as i have manage to get, because they are messing up the text's structures)
Sa o Roma babo, e bakren chinen
A me, chorro, dural beshava
Sa me amala oro khelena
Oro khelena, dive kerena
Sa o Roma babo, e bakren chinen
A me, chorro, dural beshava
E devado babo, amenge bakro
Sa o Roma babo, e bakren chinen
Sa o Roma babo babo
Sa o Roma o daje
Sa o Roma babo babo
Ederlezi, Ederlezi
Sa o Roma daje"

Any help will be very appreciated. I guess it's hard to help someone you don't know how he\she sounds like. if that's a term - I will try to record something just so the direction of where am I coming from will clear.

And check them out! intense band with highly theatrical performance values melted together into some magical crossover.

Hope you will at least enjoy the music.

Thanks in advance!
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