Consonant training & adduction of the cords?

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Consonant training & adduction of the cords?

Postby Burandon1993 » Mon Nov 11, 2013 2:09 pm

Hi I had a question about the philosophy of CVT when it comes to consonant training like they do in the speech level singing crowd. I come from that method where they train using consonants such as nay, mum, and other consonants. I understand that singing requires you to sing with consonants & vowels, but I found that the consonants such as nay, and mum constricted my voice too much, it can cause me damage, and I noticed that CVT works with training with songs & vowel training. So my question is scientifically, can someone gain cord closure or adduction of the vocal cords from constantly doing consonant exercises such as gug & mum because if not, then there is no point in me wasting my time doing them and then I can further invest my time into the right way.
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