Doubts about doing distortion

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Doubts about doing distortion

Postby maurocordeiro » Wed Nov 06, 2013 12:15 am

Hello everybody! Mauro Cordeiro from Brasil, i´m new to the forum. Nice to meet you all !!

I´ve been studying some singing during my sparetime, and I LOVE to sing rock/metal.

But I have lots of questions about breathing support and how to do distortion from the edge / curbing sound...

I train only 10 mins per day, ´cause sometimes my voice gets a little tired, and I feel a little pain on the throat.... =(

I still haven´t the book, ´cause once they shipped to Brasil, and it desappeared in the way :*(

Could you guys help me please? Kaara? Someone?? PLEASE??
Here´s a sample of my distortion trying;

Online MP3 to listen: ... P-g4cDpVdA

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