SUITE SISTER MARY - Complete Cover

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SUITE SISTER MARY - Complete Cover

Postby Manolito Mystiq » Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:13 pm


Yesterday I tried to make my own backing track of the song (karaoke version), simply because there isn’t one.
I’m really a beginner when it comes to mixing, so please don’t mind a beginner’s mixing.

Today, I did the vocals. Strangely enough, the main verses towards Mary [Tate] are easier to do than Mary’s lines [Pamela] or even the chorus [either]. I still am doing something odd with my vowels. I think I’m spreading them way too much.

Oh, and Mary’s lines have quite some reverb going, because I wanted them to sound angelic and contrasting to the main lines (hey, I’m acting a girl there whose symbolic for light/love to Nikki).

There seems to missing some body, some mass. It’s pretty much twang, probably high larynx (didn’t check), but I might be holding back ever so (slighlty) for it:

not being belting, but the Oral Twang setup (EVT) or
not being Overdrive (CVT, and I guess Tate is a clear example of using Edge; sooo sharp!) or
for it being bringing up chest so it sounds everything but chest (SLS/SS).

Please comment. Oh, and don’t worry. I can take some critique. I’ve had them.
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